About Us

July 1, 2016

Mission Statement

Empowering Retail Industry with Data Driven Decision making to enable Profitable Growth.

We have a passion for Innovation

We are a team of passionate individuals that take pride in building high quality, usable, innovative products and provide best in class service to our Customers/Partners. We specialize in repricing application. We have built a record of delivering profitable growth to our customer partners because we believe in what we’re doing. Some of our customers have seen 25% increase in online Sales and upto 40% increase in Profit Margin.

The Story Behind Our Story

Our interest in Repricing Software was driven by curiosity. When eCommerce started growing in India, we were thrilled to be on the receiving side of offers and discounts. But curiosity made us analyze the impact on sellers. We soon realized that there is immense opportunity for sellers, but only if the right pricing strategy are in place and those are data­-driven. This stuck with us and we started our journey of creating a product that would analyze multiple parameters and recommend optimum price point to ensure increase in revenue and improved profit margins. We are glad our Customers/Partners are appreciating the value of the offering.

Our Guiding Principals

Apply Innovation to every aspect of business
Innovation has to be applied to every aspect of business, be it creating Products that stand out, innovation in development / quality processes to providing high quality and reliable support.
Consider customers as partners and deliver value to them
We consider our Customers as Partners and we work with them to provide real value to their business and believe in growing with their success.
Keep it simple and actionable for end users
We believe in keeping the result simple and actionable for the end user to ensure immediate impact without overwhelming them.