Digital Delivery

February 21, 2023


What Is Digital Delivery ?
Products that no longer require physical delivery can now be delivered through digital platform, this means you would download the product from a link, receive it as an attachment or receive an activation code via email/Sms/whatsapp.

Since e-commerce portals became popular over the past few years, shipping through them has evolved so much. Now you no longer have to wait at home all day for a courier to deliver your items. A new name for e-commerce shipping is digital delivery, which has transformed the traditional delivery method into one that’s based on the customer’s convenience.

Typically, traditional ways of shipping are messy, time-consuming, and require a great deal of manual effort on the part of sellers. E-commerce has been revolutionized by the development of digital delivery software, which allows you to process and track your orders all in one place.

Realize your vision by adopting digital delivery application.




Advantages of digital delivery.

  • You can start selling digital products on one click.
  • The product is delivered to the buyer through email right away
  • It does not require you to invest in a warehouse, logistics and employees.
  • No manual intervention as order flow is fully automated saving time from your busy schedule.
  • Faster response to buyer increasing customer satisfaction and review ratings.
  • The product information is available in email for future reference.


Why BoxNsights Digital Delivery?

  • Completely Automated System
  • Supports multiple marketplaces
  • Activation code can be fetched real time, directly from Brand API’s
  • Highly scalable, handling millions of orders per month
  • Fast, Secure and Reliable
  • Trusted by multiple sellers and marketplaces.
  • Very intuitive and simple to configure.
  • Happy sellers for over 6+ years
  • Delivery done 24*7



Adopt BoxNsights, upload codes and unwind.

Boxnsights Digital Delivery is a completely automated digital delivery application.
For order received on any marketplace

  • Application allocates Activation code for the order
  • Delivers code to the buyer via email
  • Completes the order cycle on ecommerce platforms by marking appropriate status
  • Informs sellers through email, on low inventory