Price Optimization

July 1, 2016

Win more Buy Box without any hassle

Win BuyBox by accurately hitting the right price.
Our repricer application captures the competitive prices on real time basis and dynamically sets the prices to capture Buy Box efficiently.
Our customers have seen 30­-40% increase in winning Buy Box percentage, which resulted in multi-fold increase in online sales. This feature directly targets your top-line and ensures your Grow at a frantic pace.

  •  Real time competitive pricing
  •  Intelligent Dynamic pricing algorithm
  •  Auto pricing option
  •  Stay ahead of your competition
  • Multi fold increase in online Sales

Increase Your Sales and Profit Margins

Growing does not mean you have to always sacrifice margins. Our best in class algorithm ensures you gain on margins wherever there is slightest possibility, without hampering the growth. The repricer application helps in increasing margin on products that are already in Buy Box without losing Buy Box. The application also ensures you never-ever make losses on “any” product you sell. You can put the application on auto pilot mode and be sure you would “Grow Profitably”.
Our customers have seen margin increase as much as 40% which is huge boost to your bottom line.
    • Boost sales by setting optimum price
    • Improve margins wherever there is slightest possibility
    • Increase price when in Buy Box while retaining Buy Box
    • Never ever make losses on any product
Use analytics to grow your sales in upward direction

Apply Pricing Strategy for Private Label Products

Set optimum prices for all products in your own brand.

Selling your private label products, Great !!!
Our repricer application checks prices of products similar to your brand and you get tons of configuration options along with Brand Value adjustment to ensure you can effectively implement your pricing strategy.

  • Compare prices with similar products from other brands
  • Apply Brand Value adjustment for your brand
  • Expect the same Real time Actionable Insights

Time spent on pricing reduced to 1/10th

Managing pricing on multiple marketplaces could be a daunting task and can take up a significant time from your already busy schedule. BoxNsights repricer application allows you to manage your pricing strategy using autopilot mode, leaving quality time for your core business. Our customers have seen average time spent on pricing reduced to 1/10.

  • Advanced pricing rules help automate pricing strategy
  • Automated competitive pricing helps you stay abreast real­time
  • Auto pilot mode allows setting prices automatically
  • Highly usable system makes re­pricing a very simple task

Save Time by using repricer application

Sell on your own site and multiple marketplaces

Track and update prices on multiple marketplaces with single repricer application

Automated Repricer application provides integration with almost all the leading marketplaces in India like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc. You can decide to sell on as many marketplaces including your own site, the application will provide optimized algorithm that suites that marketplace to ensure you Grow Profitably on All Platforms possible.

  • Integration with all leading marketplaces
  • Customized rules based on each marketplace
  • Grow wherever opportunity is available

Real time Actionable Insights

Today knowledge is power, but more important aspect is deriving Insights from this knowledge. The icing on the cake could be if the Insights are Actionable. Our smart analytics engine provides Real time Actionable Insights and historic trend analysis which would help you in creating short term and long term Business strategies which would take you to the next league.

  • Real time Actionable Insights at your fingertips
  • Historic trend analysis
  • Drive next level Business Pricing Strategy
  • Data Driven Decision for sustainable long term Growth

Increase Sales and Profit Margin using Pricing Analytics

Calculate overheads accurately

Ensure you never make losses on any product in online sales.

While selling online one important aspect for any seller is to avoid any losses. To ensure this, all the overheads like taxations, marketplace commission, shipping charge, etc. have to be calculated accurately every time while making a price changes. BoxNsights repricer automates the overhead calculations and ensures you never sell at a loss. You can also view the margin and margin % before making any pricing change.

  • Overheads for taxation, marketplace commissions, etc calculated accurately
  • Never make loss on any product
  • View margin and margin % before making pricing changes
  • Automatically reprice all products without worrying about losses

Highly usable and Intuitive User Interface

The leading Repricer application is designed to ensure it can be adopted easily without much help. Also the application provides highly usable features like deep links from the advanced dashboard to the actionable pages, Bulk import/export using excel, Advanced filtering options to enable very granular categorization and many more such features. Opt for a free demo and free trial of the application to experience these features first hand.

  • Highly intuitive user interface
  • Deep links from Advanced dashboard to actionable pages
  • Bulk Upload/Download using excel
  • Advanced Filtering for effective categorization

Expect a easy to use intuitive user interface