“Case Study – M. P. Enterprise – 25% Increase in Online Sales in Just a Month

October 18, 2016
Leading Repricer in India

25% Increase in online sales in just a month.

25% increase in Online Sales
About M. P. Enterprise
Started in 1999 by Pravin Kumar, M P enterprise concentrated on electrical and electronics at the start but soon moved to Mobiles and Computers. Started online sales a few years back and now completely moved to online sales. Always tried innovative solutions to try and beat the competition.                                                                                                                                                       
Previously the pricing used to be manual, which would take time and also limited the ability to update the prices fast enough to win over the competition.

Started using BoxNsights and within a month could see the sales grow significantly.

“After using BoxNsights we saw 25% increase in online sales in just a month, which was phenomenal. ” said Mr. Pravin Kumar, Owner M.P Enterprise.

Also time spent on pricing was reduced, giving time to work on optimizing inventory and make adjustments to ensure the increase in online sales could be handled appropriately.

We did not have to sit next the system all the time to adjust the price anymore and could spend time in optimizing the Inventoryadded Mr Pravin

Transition to the new application was fast and took only couple of days. Mr Pravin was also impressed with the support provided and gave a clear 10 out of 10 for Customer Support.


General belief is that you can increase in sales at cost of Profit Margin, but M.P. Enterprise could grow Sales and Profit Margin at the same time.“Along with Sales our Profit Margins also grew by 2-5%” said
Mr. Pravin Kumar.
At a Glance
Key Requirements

  • Quick Pricing solution
  • Increase in Online Sales and Profit Margin at the same time

Solution Adopted

Started using BoxNsights, the pricing   optimization software for efficient price optimization to improve profit margins and increase online sales.

BoxNsights Advantage

  • Real-time Competition Insights
  • Auto-pilot pricing engine
  • Improved BuyBox visibility
  • 25% increase  in Online Sales
  • 2-5% increase in Profit Margin


About BoxNsights              

BoxNsights is a leading repricing application built for smart sellers. It provides real time insights to optimize the pricing strategy, to ensure increased profit margins, higher buybox visibility and dynamic price adjustments.

For more information visit: www.boxnsights.com