“Case Study – CNC – No Loss. Only Profit.”

August 11, 2016
Leading Repricer in India

Right pricing strategy. No Loss. Only Profit.

Right pricing strategy. No Loss. Only Profit.
About CNC
Founded in 1996. An ISO- 9002 certified company involved in expanding its working arena in the field of IT. In a very short span of time we have a list of highly satisfied customers both in Government as well as in Private Sectors. Sell new Branded PCs, we deals in AMC, Upgradations, Networking Structural Cabling, Wireless Networking, IInd hand Computers, Ink Cartridges, USB devices, Original Softwares, Internet Connections, Renting of Laptops & Desktop Pcs.

We were spending almost 16 hours a day trying to update the prices online but still not able set the right price which was frustrating. Also we were making losses on multiple products due to our pricing errors which was causing significant reduction in margins.“ – Raju Manocha 
Deciding and setting the right pricing strategy considering the cost and competitive pricing was manual and even after spending enormous amount of time on pricing, the resulting profit margin was minimal. Also there was no clarity on which products were sold on Profit and which were sold on Loss.
We were able to look at competitive prices only once a week which was clearly not sufficient.” – Raju Manocha

There was no easy way to monitor competitive pricing which made it impossible to keep up to speed with the ever changing prices especially in the electronics segment where CNC was dealing with.


CNC started using BoxNsights in December 2015 for dynamically updating the prices of their products using auto-pilot mode in the application.

Now we have to only update the purchase price, the rest is taken care by the
application. Raju Manocha

CNC is able to clearly focus on profitability by ensuring there is no loss ever on any product. They are also able to keep up with the competitive pricing and adjust their prices based on actionable insights from BoxNsights. They could automatically apply these recommendations on marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

We were able to eliminate all losses and now only deal in profitable products which has significantly increased our margins.– Raju Manocha

No losses. Only Profits.

BoxNsights has helped CNC move from negative margins to positive and focus more on growing business than worry about our pricing strategy. Which is so crucial in IT products segment where the margins are paper thin.

The simple to use application can be learnt and used by anybody. Also the cost of the application is negligible as compared to the value it is generating for us.

At a Glance
Key Requirements

  • Pricing strategy considering cost and competitive pricing
  • Reduce manual price monitoring
  • Reduce pricing errors
  • Eliminate losses

Solution Adopted
Started using BoxNsights and implemented the desired pricing strategy by easily configuring the application.

BoxNsights Advantage

  • Clear visibility on profitability
  • Insights Auto-pilot pricing engine
  • Pricing strategy based on cost as well as competitive pricing
  • Win more BuyBox
  • Easy to configure application

About BoxNsights
BoxNsights is a leading repricing application built for smart sellers. It provides real time insights to optimize the pricing strategy, to ensure increased profit margins, higher buybox visibility and dynamic price adjustments.
For more information visit: www.boxnsights.com

The best part about BoxNsights is its support. We get help 24*7 and have got it late in nights even on Sundays. The important aspect is that the response is immediate.” – Raju Manocha, Owner CNC