E-Commerce Sellers: Pricing is no more a Tough Decision

While we are one month away from hitting 2016, the sellers are working out on their pricing strategies to win more deals in the coming year. Setting new targets to take their business to next level.


We carried out a research on our existing prospect and found pricing is one of key concern for when they think e-commerce. With too many sellers who are going digital and too many online platforms to list products, it has become very challenging to track:

  1. Which platform is performing better?
  2. What should be the pricing strategy?
  3. Where you stand in the competition?

Right technology can help your business to sustain the odds and win more deals, while you relax and have coffee. We have designed a tool that can help you get over these challenges and we call it BoxNsights – Be the Smart Seller!

BoxNsights is a Sherlock of online industry. It observes the competition and solves the pricing mystery for your business.


  • Simple to understand pricing comparison across reseller websites
  • BuyBox Insights – Stay on top of competition
  • Real time price insights across all platforms
  • Update prices in 3 clicks

To know more get in touch with us: sales@boxnsights.com

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