#CWC “Compete- Win- Celebrate” on Amazon, Flipkart. Race ahead in online competition on Amazon, Flipkart.

What is #CWC for online Sellers??

#CWC “Compete-Win-Celebrate” on   Compete Online seller needs to compete with other sellers to gain Buy Box. Competition is fierce and online seller needs to hold on the grip, so he can remain in Buy Box. To compete in such an fierce environment repricing tool helps sellers to compete in a easy way. Repricing tool helps[…]

Inventory Management for online sellers

What is Inventory Management ?

For the online sellers who wants to grow and expand their business in various geographies, Inventory Management plays a crucial role What is Inventory Management? Inventory Management does not mean only keeping stocks of the products in the warehouses. Inventory Management is rather a process that involves Inventory update, orders, returns, replenish inventory, supplier, deliveries[…]

Amazon India Negative Feedback

How to Handle Negative Feedback on Amazon India?

Amazon India has over 3 lakh third party sellers. So for an online seller to sustain this competition he has to deal with many things and one of this is to handle negative feedback on Amazon. Does Negative seller feedback impact sales on Amazon ? Yes, Negative Seller Feedback has major impact on sales and[…]

Amazon Mobile Application India- Buyer -Seller msg

Steps to get Email Delivery Code in India via Amazon Mobile Application

You can now order on Amazon using Email Delivery option for products that can be digitally delivered and you will receive the code and usage instructions within 2 hours of order confirmation. You can find the details using one of the following method You can check your Amazon registered email id (please check your spam[…]

Amazon Email Delivery India

Steps to get Amazon Email Delivery Code in India using Message Center

Amazon India has recently introduced an option to purchase products using Email Delivery. These include purchase of software products, online courses, etc. The advantage is that you would get the required code and instructions within 2 hours of order confirmation. Here is how the process works. Once your order is confirmed an mail with the[…]

repricing software in india

How to stay ahead of Competition using Repricing Software?

Competition on online marketplace has reached to a new level. Staying ahead of the competition, winning buy box and increasing sales are the major concerns of a online seller. That’s where a repricing software plays it’s part. What is Repricing Software? Repricing software allows online sellers to compare their product prices with other competitors prices[…]

Inventory Optimization Software in India

What is Inventory Optimization Software?

Inventory optimization is taking care that you have just enough stock in hand to satisfy customer demand. In simple terms Inventory Optimization is understanding of when to order the stock and how much to order. This is better explained with the graph below: The yellow line represents the stock level with respect to time. When[…]

Algorithmic repricer workflow

Is it worth using Algorithmic Repricer for Amazon and Flipkart?

What is Algorithmic Repricer? Customers are always looking for great deals at lower prices. Marketplaces have fierce competition between them. Also the online sellers on these marketplaces have a cut throat competition between themselves. With increasing online sellers selling on these marketplaces every day, finding effective ways to win Buy box, boost sales with profit[…]

Free Amazon repricer vs Modern Day Amazon Repricer

How Modern Day Amazon Repricers are Different from Amazon Repricer ??

A free Amazon Repricer tool is provided by amazon for the sellers who sell on amazon platform. But let me tell you with free stuff there are always limitations. Limitations which holds your margins from growing. Most modern day Amazon Repricers like BoxNsights employ advanced algorithm and provide high configurability that help the sellers grow[…]

What is Amazon Buy Box

What is Amazon Buy Box and How to win Amazon Buy Box.

What is Amazon Buy Box? How to win Amazon Buy Box? How winning Amazon Buy Box Increases your sales? What is Amazon Buy Box? Amazon Buy Box is a box on the product detail page where customers begins the purchasing process. Usually a single product is offered by multiple sellers and these sellers compete to[…]