Relief for Amazon Flipkart and small sellers from GST guidelines

Relief for Amazon, Flipkart and small sellers from GST guidelines.

Relief for Amazon, Flipkart as small sellers get some more time for their registration according to GST guidelines. Ecommerce companies Amazon, Flipkart will need to register under the guidelines of GST, but the small suppliers on the same platforms will have a relief. No immediate registration is to be made for the small sellers or[…]

Amazon physical stores to be launched

Amazon physical stores to be opened for fashion sale event.

12 Amazon physical stores to be opened for the upcoming fashion sale event, in Mumbai, NCR, and Bengaluru. Amazon physical stores! Is it just temporary physical stores or amazon is planning to launch offline stores permanently?   In previous years both Amazon and Flipkart have tried to go offline as well. Flipkart company forged an[…]

Sales and Margin affected by suspension of Platinum Seller Program

Amazon puts seller’s Platinum rights on hold until further clarity on GST

GST is all set to come in force from July 2017. Its impact will change the essence of taxation system in India. Amazon – a giant online marketplace has suspended its exclusive Platinum Seller Program (PSP) temporarily. Amazon has delayed the renewal of contracts of its top sellers until there is further clarity regarding the[…]

Merger Snapdeal and Flipkart. Seller payment issues.

What is the future of Seller’s on Snapdeal? Deal or No Deal with Flipkart?

Merger of Flipkart and Snapdeal news has spread all over like fire in the grass. But who actually is getting benefited from this deal? Is it Snapdeal Or Flipkart? What about the Seller’s on Snapdeal??   “Merger” Still a long way to go According to people familiar with the matter Soft Bank has managed Nexus[…]