Simple tips to Win Flipkart Buybox

Simple tips to Win Flipkart Buybox

Setting up an online business is not easy. But what is way more tough is maintaining the business and making profit at the same time. Today there are a hundred seller present in the virtual market selling exactly the same item just like you. So the competition is pretty high. Now in this tough market the ways of making profit is a tad bit different than the ones followed in physical market. So one such method is winning a BuyBox. Here we shall come to know how to win a Flipkart BuyBox.


What is BuyBox?

This is the CTA which leads shoppers to purchase the item on the product page. Flipkart determines the a seller best fit for the product page and the item chosen to be added for final purchase through “add to cart” button is done through this seller. ‘Winning the buybox’ or being the merchant Flipkart features for the product page is a major advantage for sellers on Flipkart. It will not only make you get large amount of profit but also recognition as a renowned name among the seller which a business giant like Flipkart has trusted to be a seller on their product page. This recognition will open numerous doors of opportunity for your business.


How to win Flipkart BuyBox?

There are a few simple ways discussed below that will help you to achieve your goal.

  1. Become an Flipkart Advantage Seller – Flipkart Advantage services ensure faster delivery of your items, quality check by Flipkart experts and delightful packaging. Combine these with fastest payments in the industry and an excellent seller portal. Services as good as these would encourage users to put positive reviews, immensely happy and satisfied with your service like excellent shipping service, shipping speed, customer service etc. And make sure you retain the status with your hard work.
  2. Compare on price – When selecting the right candidate for winning BuyBox Flipkart looks for the seller with the lowest total price which includes shipping cost too. This has to be kept in mind which is misunderstood by many. So one needs to keep comparing their price with their competitors and take necessary action to keep them in check.
  3. Sufficient availability should be ensured – Flipkart will only give you the BuyBox after they have confirmed that you have enough stock for a certain product. So that when customer demand rises to an alarming level the seller should be able to handle the demand.
  4. Maintain consistent delivery process – Flipkart should make sure that you can promptly deliver every product whose order you have got consistently. There should be a consistent shipping facility and customers should get the product within few days of ordering the stuff.
  5. Order Defect rate (ODR) – As a seller if you want to win the Flipkart’s BuyBox you need to provide exceptional customer service even after product delivery. This is a quality Flipkart prizes the most.

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