India will be the country with highest annual online retail growth rate in 2016-2021

Repricer software in India

Boxnsights had been started a few years ago by a group of enthusiasts purely out of curiosity to find out what do the seller do to conduct a successful business online in India and what are their opportunities to grow as a business house. Initially like all others they too were happy with the occasional discounts and offs offered by the e commerce portals but then the curiosity got a good measure off their interest. They analyzed the situation and came to a conclusion that through online business businessmen can make huge profit and afford a massive growth only if they could properly judge the timing and pricing of different goods. From here came the birth of a legendary application by Boxnsights that became sensational. The application took into note different important parameters and suggested an optimum price for a certain good. This prediction helped the business houses to make good profit and increased revenue. The initial goal was to make sure that they set a data driven right pricing strategy.

Over years we have seen India travel a long distance in the path of development. Today the country stands way ahead of many others when compared on the basis of compound annual growth rate. In fact the compound annual growth of country from the year 2016-2021 suggests that India’s growth rate is 31.2% whereas China and Japan has seen growth rate of 9.9%. Australia has a growth rate of 8.3% and South Korea has a growth rate of 13.2%. These figures suggest that India’s growth rate is ahead of many leading developing and developed countries not by some few points but on a huge margin. In fact it can be said that the growth rate is few times the multiple of other countries.

This massive change in the financial condition of the country has been possible because of repricing of goods at the right time. When the foreign companies are hiking or lower the price of goods at the same time if the Indian companies are taking likewise steps then it is inevitable that the crowd will definitely go for an Indian company. Also this means higher inflow of revenue. All of this has a very positive effect on the country and the countrymen. It is a big boost in the confidence of the business houses as the future is promising and they can happily invest more in the business seeing the high rates of return.

Boxnsights has always had this vision of taking the country to the top and they work relentlessly round the clock to do the same. All the employees are very hard working and are always in the stride to make such effective applications which will prove to be very beneficial for the business houses that trust them with their data and money. Innovation and wish to see everyone happy has been their secret mantra of success.

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