Pricing strategies for sellers on Amazon/Flipkart.

Product Pricing strategies for Amazon & Flipkart Seller.

Globalization in India has excessed to a tremendous level in India. We come across several E-commerce websites in day to day life. The rate of online market and its buyers and sellers has increased to another level. The major problem that arises for online marketing is pricing the product that you are selling. The pricing strategies can come up as a huge hurdle as you have a vast zone of competitors, who are selling the same product as you are. The matter of concern arises as to what should be the exact pricing strategy so that you can gain maximum number of buyers. We will now discuss about some of the pricing strategies which will help you to provide lucrative offers for your customers.

The main aspect of pricing strategies comes with the actual Pricing of the product. Suppose you it is as an example; that you get more than 80,000+ websites when you just enter women fashion accessories. Amazon and Flipkart have become the paramount in online sellers.

The website reputation also depends upon product packaging and timely delivery, responsiveness of the company towards clients.

Today we will discuss about the pricing strategies of amazon seller, flipkart sellers. We are emphasizing more on these as there is a possibility that this business have a turnover of about 20 million or more in 2020. If we read about the pricing strategy and market status of the year 2015, then the market status for flipkart was 43%, snapdeal was 19% and amazon was 14%, but gradually the share decreased for flipkart.

Let us now discuss in detail about the pricing strategies of the online sellers.

Strategy for the Sellers:

Go through the pricing policies of your competitor brand:

The benefit of doing a survey on competitors work will help you achieve, an idea of core about what plan they are executing to attract their customers. Secondly you will also get an essence of price you want to fix for your product, so that you can decide whether you want to sell the commodity on a price higher or vice-versa. Like this you will be able to make an estimate of the profit that you make in your work. There are various pricing software’s that help in estimating and comparing the price of commodities of various websites.

Reputation of the user account:

You as a seller will have an account on these marketplaces. The main reputation factor of the seller not only depends upon the pricing strategies, but it also depends upon the shipping speed, product accuracy and customer feedback whether its positive or negative. The e-commerce website flourishes because of the feedback of the customers.

Apt promotions of the website:

There are many tools available at google for comparing the pricing strategies of the individuals sellers like amazon seller, flipkart sellers etc.  use these strategies. The strategies include right merchandise selection, e-commerce discounts that attracts the visitors, catalogues.

Concluding words would be that the pricing strategy is an essential factor for growing your business on the marketplaces. As we know there is huge competition in eCommerce space and we need to take right steps to be competitive. We hope these strategies would help in enhancing market shares.

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