Amazon India Negative Feedback

How to Handle Negative Feedback on Amazon India?

Amazon India has over 3 lakh third party sellers. So for an online seller to sustain this competition he has to deal with many things and one of this is to handle negative feedback on Amazon. Does Negative seller feedback impact sales on Amazon ? Yes, Negative Seller Feedback has major impact on sales and[…]

Amazon Mobile Application India- Buyer -Seller msg

Steps to get Email Delivery Code in India via Amazon Mobile Application

You can now order on Amazon using Email Delivery option for products that can be digitally delivered and you will receive the code and usage instructions within 2 hours of order confirmation. You can find the details using one of the following method You can check your Amazon registered email id (please check your spam[…]

Amazon Email Delivery India

Steps to get Amazon Email Delivery Code in India using Message Center

Amazon India has recently introduced an option to purchase products using Email Delivery. These include purchase of software products, online courses, etc. The advantage is that you would get the required code and instructions within 2 hours of order confirmation. Here is how the process works. Once your order is confirmed an mail with the[…]

What is Amazon Buy Box

What is Amazon Buy Box and How to win Amazon Buy Box.

What is Amazon Buy Box? How to win Amazon Buy Box? How winning Amazon Buy Box Increases your sales? What is Amazon Buy Box? Amazon Buy Box is a box on the product detail page where customers begins the purchasing process. Usually a single product is offered by multiple sellers and these sellers compete to[…]

Amazon Prime Day India

Amazon Prime Day. “For the First Time in India”.

Amazon Prime Day is held on 10th to 11th July, for the first time in India. What is Amazon Prime Day? Amazon Prime Day is Amazon’s annual birthday celebration, when it discounts more than 1,00,000 products of all categories. When is Amazon Prime Day in India? It will get started by 6 pm on 10th[…]

Relief for Amazon Flipkart and small sellers from GST guidelines

Relief for Amazon, Flipkart and small sellers from GST guidelines.

Relief for Amazon, Flipkart as small sellers get some more time for their registration according to GST guidelines. Ecommerce companies Amazon, Flipkart will need to register under the guidelines of GST, but the small suppliers on the same platforms will have a relief. No immediate registration is to be made for the small sellers or[…]

Amazon physical stores to be launched

Amazon physical stores to be opened for fashion sale event.

12 Amazon physical stores to be opened for the upcoming fashion sale event, in Mumbai, NCR, and Bengaluru. Amazon physical stores! Is it just temporary physical stores or amazon is planning to launch offline stores permanently?   In previous years both Amazon and Flipkart have tried to go offline as well. Flipkart company forged an[…]

Avoid price war through repricing on Amazon

How to Avoid a Price War through Repricing on Amazon

We as a whole are very much aware of the way that cost has significantly a great deal to do with winning a share of Amazon’s Buy Box yet perhaps merchants put intemperate centrality on the cost. Instead of focusing on a ton over having the slightest evaluated item among your adversaries, recommends the[…]

Product Pricing strategies for Amazon & Flipkart Seller.

Pricing strategies for sellers on Amazon/Flipkart.

Globalization in India has excessed to a tremendous level in India. We come across several E-commerce websites in day to day life. The rate of online market and its buyers and sellers has increased to another level. The major problem that arises for online marketing is pricing the product that you are selling. The pricing[…]

Sell on Amazon/Flipkart with right pricing strategy

Sell on Amazon/Flipkart with right pricing strategy

Just a while ago I felt like doing shopping for myself and I found a wide variety of dresses for myself, now-a –days there is such wide variety for every product by which you can avail yourself any product from 100  bucks to 1000 bucks and so on. For customers like me it’s a boon[…]