What is Amazon Buy Box and How to win Amazon Buy Box.

What is Amazon Buy Box? How to win Amazon Buy Box? How winning Amazon Buy Box Increases your sales?

What is Amazon Buy Box

What is Amazon Buy Box?

Amazon Buy Box is a box on the product detail page where customers begins the purchasing process. Usually a single product is offered by multiple sellers and these sellers compete to be in the Buy Box. Amazon selects one seller among the eligible sellers and grants them the Buy Box.

Why capturing Amazon Buy Box is so important for sellers?

Approximately 85-90 percent sales are acquired by the seller who is in Amazon buy box. The rest 10-15%  sales is shared among the remaining sellers. In some categories like Books and electronics the number of sellers competing for for the Amazon Buy Box could be anywhere between 20 -100. So capturing Buy Box could be a maker or breaker for a seller’s online business.


How to Win Amazon Buy Box?

Amazon has a complex algorithm for winning Buy Box. Amazon does not reveal exact criteria but studying Amazon Buy Box criteria will help to get Buy Box. Further more Amazon keeps tweaking their algorithm so predicting exactly who will capture Buy Box is difficult but we know the factors that affect the winning percentage of capturing Buy Box.

Buy Box winning criteria’s are as follows

Amazon buy box criterias

For More details about the parameters you can refer to the link Win More Buy Box on Amazon

The above criteria’s fall under 3 broader buckets

  1. First keep the fundamentals of the business right -Ship the right product, with right packing on time.
    • This will ensure your Ratings are high and Defect rate (late shipment, wrong product delivery,  etc) are low
  2. Opt for Amazon Fulfilled
    • Which has a significant bearing on capturing Buy Box
  3. Last but the most important, price the product appropriately

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