#CWC “Compete- Win- Celebrate” on Amazon, Flipkart. Race ahead in online competition on Amazon, Flipkart.

What is #CWC for online Sellers??

#CWC “Compete-Win-Celebrate” on   Compete Online seller needs to compete with other sellers to gain Buy Box. Competition is fierce and online seller needs to hold on the grip, so he can remain in Buy Box. To compete in such an fierce environment repricing tool helps sellers to compete in a easy way. Repricing tool helps[…]

Inventory Management for online sellers

What is Inventory Management ?

For the online sellers who wants to grow and expand their business in various geographies, Inventory Management plays a crucial role What is Inventory Management? Inventory Management does not mean only keeping stocks of the products in the warehouses. Inventory Management is rather a process that involves Inventory update, orders, returns, replenish inventory, supplier, deliveries[…]

Amazon India Negative Feedback

How to Handle Negative Feedback on Amazon India?

Amazon India has over 3 lakh third party sellers. So for an online seller to sustain this competition he has to deal with many things and one of this is to handle negative feedback on Amazon. Does Negative seller feedback impact sales on Amazon ? Yes, Negative Seller Feedback has major impact on sales and[…]

Automated Pricing optimization, the future of E-commerce

Why automated pricing optimization is the future of e-Commerce?

Getting into the internet and making a footstep in the eCommerce platform is just a beginning to the establishment of a great business. But just by having a superb website or user friendly app will not help you grow big in future. What you need to have is a clear understanding of the market in[…]

Repricer software in India

India will be the country with highest annual online retail growth rate in 2016-2021

Boxnsights had been started a few years ago by a group of enthusiasts purely out of curiosity to find out what do the seller do to conduct a successful business online in India and what are their opportunities to grow as a business house. Initially like all others they too were happy with the occasional[…]


How To Price Your Products On Multiple Platforms?

If you are a seller who has listed the products on multiple platforms like Flipkart, Snapdeal, ebay, Shopclues, Paytm, Askmebazaar etc. you must be sleeping over the pricing strategies to adopt.   Online shopping portals have different criterias for product listing, appearing on buy box, commission structures, price updates and so on. It becomes a[…]